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    Enterprise spirit:
Honesty Unity and Struggle Unremitting Self-improvement Pursue perfection 

    Business philosophy:Regulation   Pragmatic  Innovation   Development 

    Quality philosophy:Polishing Polish   Excellent Quality   Customer Satisfaction 

    Environmental policy:People-oriented, Scientific management; Compliance Law, Create Harmony.

    HSF policy: Environment-friendly materials  Made environment-friendly products  Meet the regulatory requirements  Increase to customer satisfaction

    Employing philosophy:People-oriented, Merit-based. Speak more diploma about the level , Speak more Professional title about competence, Speak more experience about ability,Speak more seniority about contribution

    Human resource management objectives:Enhance staffs quality , Develop innovative, Promote team-work spirit.

    Employee benefits:Enterprise increased efficiency, Increased staffs income, Formation of the harmony and win-win situation between enterprise and the staffs .


    Enterprise Comprehensive management  objectives:

    Production processes, standard operation;

    Quality management,   stringent requirements;

    Business Manager,     focusing on performance;

    Marketing, Creation and innovation;

    Rear-sevice support, careful and consideration;

    Financial management, increase revenues and cut expenditures ;

    Business management, people-oriented;

    Requite society, Devote love


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