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GSME electronics actively participate in

In order to guide the conscious commitment of industrial enterprises in Guangxi and fulfill the responsibility for quality, and consciously accept social supervision, establish and maintain the quality reputation,  Autonomous Region Industry and Information Technology Commission launched "China's commitment to quality and credit activities in industrial enterprises."

GSME Electronics  response positively and join the event at the first time , GSME Electronics has been for the purpose"Quality is the life, reputation is the based survival of the enterprise", which stricted with requirements on product quality, under the guidance of  the total ISO9001: 2008 quality management system,from the beginning of production the source material to catch, until the products get the customer's hands, control the various production processes strictly, the customer satisfaction as the final product quality requirements. The company's leadership  pays great attention to the Ministry of Industry'sactivities,which required departments and all staffs to make checks on good product quality further,continue to win customers' satisfaction and trust





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