A new take on my "Pretty Maids All in a Row"  pattern.

"Pretty Maids...Chartreuse and Black"

20" x 36"  (or expanded to size of choice)

Pattern only:    Monk's Cloth $42

                       Linen             $54

Teapot Squaredance

​24" x 30"

Pattern only:     Monk's Cloth $40

                         Linen             $60

Guatamalan Nights

An homage to the pulsating, vibrant colors and dense design elements of Guatemalan handwork.

24" x 40"

Pattern only:      Monk's Cloth   $48

                          Linen               $65

Just....HOOK it!

In a nod to the Rosie the Riveter poster from the 1940's our hooker shows she's ready to tackle her latest project.

15" x 20"

Pattern only:     Monk's Cloth      $35

                         Linen                  $50