Background Wool
For the moody, swirling background.
Packet $55

NOTE:  Wool for Hair is also available.  $18.

Witch's Consort wool

(Green) Flesh Tone Wool for Witch's face and hand.               Packet  $20

​Beard/Hair Wool for St. Nicholas patterns
These swatches make it easy to hook a great beard, with realistic variation of value and color.
May be slight variation in dye lot.

Packet   $28

Flesh Tone Wool Packet

NOTE: One packet contains all 3 groupings, sufficient to hook a 6" x 8" face or several faces of smaller dimensions.

The swatches are organized in groupings of basic flesh tones, warm shadow tones and darker, cool shadow tones.

Packet  $30

WOOL PACKETS, for specific applications